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Why Work with Katie to Sell your Home?

With so many options to chose from, here are the

Top 10 reasons that you want Katie Marble to sell 

your house:

  1. Strategic 18-Point Marketing Plan:
    Benefit from a comprehensive and tailored marketing strategy designed to showcase your home's unique features. Katie Marble employs an 18-point plan that maximizes visibility and attracts potential buyers, ensuring your property stands out in the competitive Sequim real estate market.

  2. Transparent and Honest Price Evaluation:
    Katie provides a realistic and honest evaluation of your home's market value, enabling you to set a competitive and enticing asking price. This transparency establishes trust and helps attract serious and qualified buyers.

  3. Client-Centric Contract Negotiation:
    Navigate the intricacies of contract negotiation with confidence, knowing that Katie always has your best interests in mind. Her commitment to securing favorable terms for you ensures a smooth and stress-free transaction.

  4. Guidance Beyond the Transaction:
    Katie Marble's dedication extends beyond the closing date. She offers ongoing guidance and assistance, ensuring a seamless transition for you even after the transaction has concluded.

  5. Professionalism, Ethics, and Trust:
    Trust is the foundation of every successful real estate partnership. Katie Marble is a consummate professional, known for her ethical practices and trustworthiness. Your home sale is in secure and capable hands.

  6. Efficient Problem Solver and Fast Worker:
    Challenges are met with solutions, and tasks are accomplished promptly under Katie's expert guidance. Benefit from her proactive approach, ensuring a swift and successful home-selling process.

  7. Always Reachable, Even Beyond Office Hours:
    Real estate doesn't adhere to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. Count on Katie Marble to be accessible and responsive, even during out-of-office hours, providing you with the support you need when you need it.

  8. Weekly Status Updates:
    Stay informed with regular, detailed updates on the progress of your home sale. Katie ensures you are consistently in the loop, offering peace of mind and a clear understanding of the marketing efforts and results.

  9. Building Long-Lasting Relationships:
    For Katie Marble, every client relationship goes beyond a single transaction. She strives to build enduring relationships with her clients, making your home-selling experience a foundation for future successes.

  10. Local Expertise and Community Connections:
    Born and raised in Sequim, Katie Marble brings an unparalleled understanding of the community and its unique features. Leverage her local expertise and extensive network to enhance the visibility of your property

    In choosing Katie Marble as your Sequim realtor, you're not just securing an agent; you're gaining a dedicated partner committed to maximizing the potential of your home sale. Let Katie Marble work hard for you, delivering results that exceed expectations.

Market Analysis


Find out how much your home or land is worth.

Katie's Top 7 Moving Tips


Take it from a real estate agent; no one knows more about moving from one house to the next. Not to mention that I myself am well qualified with some serious relocations under my belt. Watching people move from out of town, out of state or in some cases from a different country is just another day in the life of a realtor. We learn from moving mistakes and take note of good ideas that make the process more efficient.

Pricing Secrets


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Local Resources for Sellers


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